6 Points to consider when choosing web hosting

6 Important Things To Look For When Choosing Web Hosting

If you want to start a website, you need two basic things – a domain name & web hosting. You can get a domain name at an affordable price from Namecheap. And there are a lot of companies that provide different types of web hosting plans.

Choosing web hosting is a difficult task as it depends on your requirements. If you are searching for web hosting for your website, there are certain things that you should look for. These are important for the security, speed & better user experience of your site.

  1. Customer Support

If you encounter a problem with your website or need help in navigating through your hosting dashboard, the support team will help you for free. Hence, look for a web hosting company that offers 24/7 support via chat, call, or tickets.

  1. Better Uptime

Up-time refers to the average time that a server has stayed up and run. It simply means how much time your website was accessible. Good web hosting must have a minimum of 99.99% up-time. So, you should always check the up-time history.

  1. Renewal Price

A lot of web hosting providers offer hosting plans at a very cheap rate starting from $1/month. But, this price is only introductory. When it comes to the renewal of your plan, the prices are too high for some companies. Hence, look for affordable renewal prices.

  1. Security

No one wants to host their website on a server that can get hacked easily. You can lose your entire website if you don’t have a backup. Therefore, look for a hosting provider that provides security features like malware scan, DDOS  protection, firewall manager, etc.

  1. Backup & Restore

If your website gets hacked or the server crashes & you don’t have a backup, you will lose all the hard work you put into building the site. Hence, it is necessary that backup and restore service should be available.

Other important things –

Make sure the server uses SSDs for data storage as they are far better than HDDs. They will make your website load fast. If you want to transfer your website from one hosting provider to another, many of them provide free migration. So, look out for them. The web hosting company should also provide free SSL certificates that renew automatically. Avoid shared web hosting if you are building a website that will receive a lot of traffic or a business website.

Check that you can upgrade your server for more resources (storage, RAM, cores) without migrating your website to another server.



So, these were some important aspects that you should look for when buying a web hosting plan. Ensuring the above things will help you focus on your website instead of managing the backend.

Some good web hosting providers include Fastcomet, Bluehost, TMD, Hostgator, and Justhost. They have all the services that you need.